Rugby Union Match – Bilingual Report – Cornish Pirates v Doncaster – 4th March 2018

A bilingual match report for yesterday’s match!   Written by Rod Lyon
An Vorladron Gernewek e. Kardhana
Gans an gwaytyans a waynyow keyn dhe geyn, yth esa edhomm a nerth bras y’n gam ma erbynn para da. Byttegyns, yth o Kardhana neb a dhallathas an gwella hag a-ji dhe 10 mynysen i a gavas an kynsa skor. An Vorladron a dhasvatalyas dhe gavas aga hynsa skor mes y’n lakka prys nyns esa aga linennow tuchya owth oberi yn ta, ha dhe ruttya holen y’n goliow, Kerdhana a skoryas aga nessa assay poran dhe hanter-termyn der omdowl lewya – 0-12.
Res o dhe’n Vorladron kavos skor a-varr y’n nessa hanter ha dhe 47 mynysen i a resegas erbynn pot ha skorya y’n gornel – 5-12. Mes taklow a dhehwelis dhe bedrak onan pan skoryas Kardhana yn-dann an peulyow dhe wul an skor 5-19. Lemmyn y heveli bos poynt mas kelli a via kales heb prederi a-dro dhe wayn. Byttegyns an Vorladron yw gwrys a dhaffar kreffa, ha skonn yth esens i ow talleth gwaynya tir hag yn unn sewya omdowl lewya, a skoryas  – 12-19. Ena spal rag an Vorladron a dhros an skor dhe 16-19 ha gans an klock dhe dhiskwedhes 79 mynysen, Kardhana a ros dhe-ves dew spal yn rew hag yn unn sewya linen duchya hag omdowl lewya kowrek, Tom Lawday a omdorras dhe-ves hag yn unn derri dalghen, ev a omdewlis penn a-rak yn-dann an peulyow – 20-19! Treylans es rag Laurence May – 22-19, an hwibanans finel ha gwayn meur!!
Cornish Pirates v. Doncaster
With the hope of back-to-back wins, a big effort was required in this game against a good team. However, it was Doncaster who started the better and within 10 minutes had the first score – 0-5. The Pirates fought back to get their first score but unfortunately their line-outs were not functioning well, and to rub salt into the wounds, Doncaster claimed their second try right on half-time through a driving maul – 0-12.
The Pirates had to score early in the second half and on 47 minutes they charged down a kick and scored in the corner – 5-12. But things were back at square one when Doncaster scored under the posts to make the score 5-19. Now it seemed that a losing bonus would be difficult without thinking about a win. However, the Pirates are made of tougher stuff and soon they were gaining ground and following a driving maul, scored – 12-19. Then a penalty for the Pirates brought the score to 15-19 and with the clock showing 79 minutes, Doncaster gave away two penalties in a row and following a gigantic rolling maul, Tom Lawday broke loose and breaking a tackle, dived over under the posts – 20-19! An easy conversion for Laurence May – 22-19 the final whistle and a great win!!

128th Annual Dinner – March 15th 2014

London Cornish Annual DinnerThe London Cornish Association’s 128th Anniversary Dinner was held, once again, at The Thistle Hotel in London. Sadly, numbers were somewhat depleted this year due partly to the excessively wet winter which caused terrible damage to the rail and road links with Cornwall. Nonetheless, those who managed to get to the event seemed to enjoy themselves.

A wonderful display of daffodils helped create a lovely Cornish atmosphere. These had, once again, been kindly donated by Cornish flower growers and their colour and scent reminded us of spring in the West Country.

Our Guest Speaker was Reverend Michaela Youngson, the LCA Chaplain. She talked, with affection, of the time she spent in Cornwall and used a piece of handmade coloured glass to represent the colours of the Cornish sea and landscape. The Principal Guest was Councillor Mrs Gillian Parsons, Mayor of Lostwithiel.

Before the meal, members and friends gathered for a ‘bit of chat’ over a pre-dinner drink. All agreed that this was a wonderful way to start the evening, as it gave people time to meet new people and catch up with old friends.