The London Cornish Association was officially founded in 1898. Its origins go back to a dinner in 1886 which had been organised by a group of Helston men living in London to celebrate the expected election of Mr Walter Molesworth St Aubyn to Parliament. St Aubyn unfortunately lost the election, but not wishing to spoil the arrangements they decided to go ahead with the dinner anyway. It was such a success that it became an annual event – a tradition which has continued until today. After several years a Cornish Club was formed and, in 1898, this became the London Cornish Association with Mr HW Williams as its first Chairman. The LCA Dinner, held in March, remains one of the highlights of the Association’s calendar of events.

The annual Trelawny Lecture, another key event on the social programme started in 1987. The lectures provide members with an opportunity to hear talks on a variety of Cornish topics.

The Association holds its social events in central London. These include two Family History Conferences each year and an Ecumenical Service. There are also lunches at Central Hall Westminster several times a year, giving Cornish folk a chance to meet for a meal and chat.

Coming up we have:
Visit to National Archives – 30th May 2014 – click here for more details.
Family history day – 4th October 2014 – click here for more details.

Members and visitors are welcome to join us at any of our events.

The Association has its own prayer, which is used at the Service and the version of Trelawny which is sung differs slightly from the one more commonly used. Find out more here.

The Association provides a hospital visiting service for Cornish people who are in hospital in London.

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